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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Session: Extreme Tunnelling for our Brave New World

Dr. Arnold Dix, ALARP

Arnold Dix is a lawyer, geologist, disaster investigator, trial attorney, dispute resolution practitioner, technical dispute avoidance board specialist and visiting Professor of Tunnel Engineering at Tokyo City University. Dix also lends his expertise as an International Tunnel Standards Adviser (including NFPA130 and 502, PIARC) and ITA Vice-President & Executive Council Member. He is internationally recognised as a risk specialist for the underground for projects from conception to operations and refurbishment. His practical “hands on” approach bridges the gap between technical, legal and aspirational challenges underground.

The contradiction of the value of a human life in the face of exponential population growth demands deeper, faster and more extreme subsurface infrastructure. The machines constructing these demands are barely habitable by humans – the risks to health so great that the burden of safety is hard to maintain. The companies mobilizing to design and build them – buckling under the burden of unfair contracts, lack of expertise and unpopularity of the activity for the smartest and brightest. The clients struggling to deliver for their societies trying to maintain trust and order for a civil society. In this brave new world come the robots, the data and the super computers.

This presentation explores this new frontier in which the digital twin, standards, brands and old trusted practices, may pose bigger risk than our old nemesis ground support, cutterhead intervention and design.

Robots don’t cry but civilization demands wisdom to manage the emerging risks of our shared tunneling future.