Sponsor Benefits

Distinguish Your Brand

from the Competition

Guarantee your company captures the attention of tunneling industry decision makers by sponsoring at Cutting Edge. A sponsorship at Cutting Edge is a great way to increase your brand exposure and show your support for the industry. There are several sponsorship opportunities at different levels available, which makes becoming a sponsor possible for every budget. We look forward to working with you to find the option that best suits your company’s marketing objectives. Here are some reasons why your company should sponsor at Cutting Edge:

  • Expand Market Opportunity

    Identify and develop new markets and customers.

  • Lead Generation

    Get in front of attendees who are seeking solutions to known problems and are actively searching for vendors to meet these needs.

  • Top of Mind Awareness

    Sponsorship connects your brand with the great opportunities and knowledge that attendees gain while at the conference…when they think about Cutting Edge, they’ll think of you.

  • Position your Organization as a Leader in the Industry

    This conference brings together the frontrunners; sponsorship positions your company as a leader of leaders in the industry.

  • Brand Recognition

    This conference allows you the unique opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds of representatives from your target market.

  • Onsite Marketing

    Put information on your products and services directly in the hands of decision makers.